My current situation. I'm sitting on the back deck while my kids play on the playground, and we've only had one crying fit so far. I love my new job. I've been with The Iron Yard for three weeks now. A lesson I learned from my years at Apple is "we are best at our busiest" and that rings true at The Iron Yard on a daily basis. I've always enjoyed working in a fast pace; hours fly by, environment and I'I feel like I'm right back in the groove of things.

I work in social media marketing. I had a friend, Josh Bradley, who introduced me to Twitter when it was first growing in popularity. It was interesting how it changed how you posted what was going on throughout your day, shared who you were hanging out with, learning about hashtags, etc. But social media is far more than just Twitter now, and that's something I will focus on a lot here. 

So, more about me since the days of Wordpress, just in case you happen to be someone who stumbles across this blog and wonder who on earth I am. I own some 3D Printers, one of which I built from a DIY kit. I couldn't care less about sports, but I could watch a movie or two a day if I had the time. I love Rocket League on my PS4; it's probably the best free game I've ever played. I can throw a boomerang, or at least, I use to be able to. I'm not sure if that's a skill you can lose or if it's like golf, where you are never really great at it anyways. 

I think that gives you a good enough idea of "who" I am for now, and you should keep reading if you're interested in hearing more from me.